I welcome parties who wish to advertise on my blog. The procedure are quite simple and flexible:

1. Register yourself at [](
2. Create a PNG, GIF, JPEG or Macromedia Flash banner ad with the size of 300×250 pixel (medium rectangle).
3. Create your campaign under ‘Priyadi’s Place’ zone and place one or more ads in it. The interface should be self explanatory.
4. Wait until I approve your ad.
5. You can get reports on how your ad performs in real time from the campaign page.
6. Once on each month you should evaluate how your campaign performs and compensate me based on that parameter. How much you pay me is totally up to you.

I reserve the right to cancel any campaign at any time without notice, especially when step #6 had not been taken :).

I don’t allow banners with the usual bad characteristics: mimics operating system user interfaces, too distracting, or lead visitors to ethically questionable sites. And as this blog is hosted for free by [](, I also disallow campaigns advertising competing services.

Please make payments to any of the following Bank account:

* Bank Mandiri 1570000291287 (SWIFT: BEIIDJA)
* BNI: 0126991442 (SWIFT: BNINIDJA)