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18 April 2007

WordPress Upgrade and Makeover

Posted under: at 14:35

For more than 1 year I’ve been using a terribly outdated version of WordPress. I was reluctant to upgrade to the latest version because I was under impression it would be too much of a work. I created and maintained several WordPress plugins, and from the amount of feedback I get there, it appears that all of my plugins don’t work in any later version of WordPress.

Yesterday I decided to take the plunge. I have to do that sooner or later anyways. Nobody has a slightest idea of what bugs and security hole lurk in this piece of unmaintained software.

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7 October 2005

WPBayes: Naive Bayesian Comment Spam Filter for WordPress

Posted under: at 04:40

As the name implies, this plugin implements spam filtering using Naive Bayesian classifier. This plugin will automatically classify new comments as legitimate or spam based on past decision done by you.

Important Warning

This plugin requires modification to a few WordPress core files. The required modification are not much, but the plugin wouldn’t work at all if you don’t do that. This also means there’s a chance that other plugins –especially other spam fighting plugins– would no longer work. You will also need to redo modification if you upgrade WordPress.

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27 September 2005

WordPress Plugin: Code Autoescape

Posted under: at 09:11

If you frequently post code snippets into your WordPress blog then you already know how tedious and very error prone the process is. You will need to manually escape every single <, > and & characters in your code by hand. If not, either the code won’t get displayed properly or part of it will ferociously get eaten by WordPress. Needless to say, this is a process we’d very much like to avoid.

There are several plugins that do this already. However, in my opinion they are all not perfect. So, this is my attempt at another not so perfect code snippet plugin :).

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5 April 2005

WordPress Plugin and Theme Competition

Posted under: at 12:13

Mark of the Weblog Tools Collection fame has announced the WordPress Plugin and Mod Competition. Any takers here? To be honest, I got some mood for another round of plugin coding, not to mention I’m in the middle of a blog related work. The problem is that I don’t have any ideas :(.

Meanwhile, Alex King has announced the winners of this year’s WordPress Theme Competition. Congratulations to the winners!


2 April 2005 is Now Back To Normal

Posted under: at 11:20 is now back to normal. No more hidden links, no more bogus pages. Google has also restored’s pagerank to 8 after they temporarily changed it to zero. So, I’m now reinstating links to on my blog. I intended to post this right after Google has restored their pagerank, but I was still bound to my *uh* ‘commitment’ not to blog anymore :).

Matt Mullenweg has also made available his official response to this issue. Let’s now cut him some slack, everybody makes mistake :).

HotNacho, the company behind all this, has also made a somewhat unofficial response at However, considering the evidence from the comments, their response is not very convincing.


31 March 2005

WordPress Homepage Link Spamming Fiasco

Posted under: at 09:31

Following the recent link spamming done by WordPress homepage, I’m now removing or at least nofollow-ing every link to WordPress homepage until they stop engaging in shady practices. As both an anti spam activist and a regular WordPress tinkerer, I find this behavior unacceptable. I love WordPress, I enjoy using WordPress, I even created four WordPress plugins so far: Browser Detection, PHP Exec, IM Smileys and IP to Country. I find this practice a stab in my back. I recommend fellow WordPress users to remove links to WordPress homepage (or at least nofollowing them) until this matter is resolved.

Further reading:


29 March 2005

WordPress Browser Detection Plugin

Posted under: at 00:11

I’ve made another WordPress plugin (that makes four of them! go me!). This time it is the WordPress web browser detection plugin. It provides a function that takes user agent string as a parameter and then return a descriptive string. It also provides another function for easy insertion in comment template.

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2 March 2005

WordPress PHP Exec Plugin

Posted under: at 11:19

This plugin lets you execute dynamic PHP code in posts. It masks PHP code before balanceTags, and unmask them afterwards, so it should be safe to use PHP code that has literal HTML tags in it, for example: code which print out HTML.

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27 February 2005

WordPress Yahoo/MSN Messenger Style Smileys Plugin

Posted under: at 15:53

This plugin lets you use Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger style smileys on your post, excerpts and comments. It replaces the built in WordPress smilies. I created this plugin because commenters are probably more used to IM smilies than the WordPress built in smileys, especially for the more obscure ones.

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25 February 2005

WordPress 1.5 Ampersand Escaping Bug

Posted under: at 12:34

I found an irritating bug in WordPress 1.5: ampersands in blogroll URLs don’t get properly escaped. Thus, blogrolls that contains URL with ampersand in it don’t validate.

Quick fix: modify wp-includes/links.php around line 206 like this (add the line with + in front of it)

    if ('' != $target) {
        $target = " target='$target'";
    + $the_link = htmlspecialchars($the_link);
    echo("<a href='$the_link'");


WordPress IP to Country Plugin

Posted under: at 00:30

WordPress IP to Country plugin is adapted from IP-to-Nation plugin for WordPress. The only difference is that my IP to Country plugin uses (surprise!) the IP to Country database instead of IP to Nation database. There is also the GeoIP plugin which uses the GeoIP database.

I’ve been using the IP to Nation plugin, but I feel that the database is not good enough. An IP from Germany, for example, sometimes get identified as from Europe. My previous experience with the GeoIP database was much better, but the plugin itself seems to be unmaintained. It was not hard to adapt the IP-to-Nation plugin to use IP to Country database since both uses database backend and uses similar algorithm. Thanks to Ozh for creating IP to Nation plugin in the first place.

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21 February 2005

Upgrade In Progress

Posted under: at 18:24

Upgrade to WordPress 1.5 is in progress. I’m sorry if everything is not at its place, yet. :)

Current status:

  • Basic upgrade is done
  • Edited Markdown plugin so that it won’t interpret line beginning with # as headings. Actually I disabled ways to do headings in Markdown so that it wouldn’t be possible to introduce headings in comments, hopefully :).
  • Deleted Kubrick CSS images in header.php, don’t like them.
  • Made sidebar appears in single.php
  • Disabled previous and next links.
  • Made sidebar not to discriminate index view and single post view
  • Made sidebar shows calendar (using get_calendar())


  • Migrate plugins from 1.2 installation