Confusion about SPF

It seems that everybody are looking for one stop shopping for spam prevention. The truth is there’s no such thing, nothing will ever effectively stops 100% of spam, period. This is what happens with SPF. A good number of mail admins are reluctant to implement SPF on their servers because they found out it doesn’t… Continue reading Confusion about SPF

KDE 3.3!

Finally! After more than two days compiling, KDE 3.3 is ready to use. From I remember, it took much longer than KDE 3.2.3, but like every other releases, it worth every second. I used Gentoo’s KDE ebuild which is still masked. The build was smooth, I literally just unmask the related KDE packages and typed… Continue reading KDE 3.3!

Feeling Not Good

I’m feeling not good. My head is spinning, my stomach hurts. I’m soooo used to this for the last few weeks. Needless to say, I gotta cut short this blog tinkering activities for now. See you tomorrow, blog!

Hello World

This is my first post of my new blog . Hi there! Long time no see :)

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