8 September 2004

Simple DCOP Shell Script for Konsole to Open Multiple Sessions

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After having a few dozens servers, just opening remote shell to each servers is becoming tedious. This is a simple shell script I wrote to open multiple session on the running Konsole. Put the sessions you want to open in $SESSION variable, and make sure you have the sessions already created in Konsole:

 SESSIONS="root@server1 root@server2 root@server3"
 dcop $KONSOLE 'konsole-mainwindow#1' resize $WIDTH $HEIGHT
 for A in $SESSIONS ; do
     NEWSESSION=`dcop $KONSOLE konsole newSession $A`
     SIMPLE=`echo $A | sed 's/..*//g'`
     dcop $KONSOLE $NEWSESSION renameSession $SIMPLE
 dcop $CURSESSION closeSession

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