Explosion in Jakarta Again

Another explosion, not much I can say about that. But these are some independent web pages that have a few pictures of the incident:

* [kayshifa.net](http://www.kayshifa.com/bom-kuningan/)
* [indoradio.net](http://www.indoradio.net/bom-kuningan/)
* [adhi.web.id](http://www.adhi.web.id/explosion.html)
* [gunung.pantai.org](http://gunung.pantai.org/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=bom)
* [zikri.com](http://www.zikri.com/files/bomb/)
* [adypermadi.com](http://www.adypermadi.com/bom-kuningan)

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  1. While publishing picture on the Net is as easy as text-blogging nowadays, I see several issues which need attention from amateur — especially event captured photography. That is about ethical to the victims. Robert Scoble noted An example of changing culture — cop shoots kidnapper photos and months before I read a comment about murder of Syekh Yasseen (previous HAMAS spiritual leader) completed with horrible photos captured from killing location a minute after tragedy. It is completely insane, as maybe most of us also had been sent a bunch of picture’s URL from human tragedy in West Kalimantan, Poso, Ambon, and so on.

    I do not see all of this lattest Jakarta bomb’s photo, and I hope very much that it is safe enough covering what happens from around photographer’s location, rather than provoking readers with exposing victim.

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