I Had Enough I’m Voting for Deletion for ‘Roy Suryo’ in Wikipedia.

Here what I posted when [Roy Suryo](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Suryo) is [marked for deletion](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Roy_Suryo).

>I’m the original author of the article. I did very hard to be objective with the article, I even did a major rewriting from a suggestion in the talk page. What first motivates me to write this article is because there are some ongoing big cases involving the subject. However since the article is posted to a local mailing list, the subject himself and his opponents discover the article. I have the reason that the subject himself repeatedly removed various bits that against him. And the fact that his opponents are not experienced in wikipedia doesn’t help either. I thereby support deleting this article. The reason are:
>* I don’t want Wikipedia becomes an extension of a local heated flame wars
>* All the major positive contributions only come from me, I expect to get positive contributions from others, but I never get to see them.
>* No matter I tried to be objective, there are parties who became unsatisfied with the article.

>I wished this article didn’t get very popular. I will consider rewriting this article when the situation has cooled down. So, vote DELETE from me!

Roy Suryo himself has been sleepless tonight. There are at least four attempts from him to empty the page. Of course, the efforts easily caught by Wikipolice, and they reverted back in all occassions. Realizing this, he tried different approach, by removing the negative bits from the article. This and the revert happened several times, before the sysop question the article’s validity. So, to reduce further embarassment, I voted to delete this article.

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