AOL Feedback Loop: Spam Early Warning System

I’ve been using this [AOL feedback loop]( system for quite some time. But I guess not many mail admins know about it so I will share it here. AOL feedback loop is a system implemented by AOL on their system that will forward any mail that has been marked as spam by its users back to the administrator of the originating IP.

The following information is copied verbatim from AOL’s page:

> When an AOL member clicks “this is spam” for a piece of email sent from one of your IPs, this is considered a “complaint”. If you are having difficulty with the number of complaints you are receiving a feedback loop would benefit you. Once you have requested a feedback loop you will be notified when a member clicks “this is spam”. The email sent to you from will contain the complete email and header information. Due to our member privacy policy we cannot include the email address that it was originally sent to.

Since practically all email lists distributed by spammers include addresses, this is a great way to know if your users are sending spam. And you will know that much earlier before you see complaints coming in. Unfortunately email lists distributed by local spammers in Indonesia probably doesn’t have as many addresses in it, if at all. I wish some popular local ISP or mail provider will implement a system like this. This could be very valuable since local spam is on a very steep rise now.

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