Question to Ask Yourself Before You Send Your Mass Mailing

Apparently, almost all bulk mail senders that claim to be legitimate have established a standard acceptable use policy. The following questions are taken verbatim from one of them.

* Are you sending email to non-specific addresses, such as or
* Have you deliberately falsified your transmission path information or originating address?
* Are you sending email to mailing lists or distribution lists, which then send indirectly to various other email addresses?
* Have you imported for use a purchased list of any type?
* Are you continuing to mail to anyone who has asked to be deleted from your mailing list?
* Does your email not provide a fully functioning link to unsubscribe?
* Does you email subject line contain false or misleading information?
* Have you used a third party’s email address or domain name without the party’s consent?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are likely involved in spam activities. These are my own additions to those questions:

* Do you harvest email addresses from web sites, newsgroups, mailing lists, and/or other sources without any knowledge from the owner of email addresses in question?
* Are you sending your emails without express consent from the owner of email address in question?

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