24 September 2004

Web Site Makeover!

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With my Internet connection unstable for almost the whole night, I spent my time doing makeover to this web site. It’s about time, my web site already have this many posts and has withstood some hammerring with the recent Ahira Gate fiasco. But with me lacking time and will, this web site has been using stock design until now.

I took Matt Mullenweg‘s Charleen design as a base for my design. I like his overall design, but I wasn’t comfortable that he used a thick black border as background for menu bar. It caused overflowing in a few cases where the menu bar is longer than the content of the page. I changed it to use regular right floated block for menu bar. This way the overflowing problem is no longer exist, however when the content of the page is longer than the menu bar, it causes empty spaces below the menu bar. I think I (and visitors) can live with that.

I added drop shadow to add more depth to the page. I also changed the menu bar’s color from black to dark red. With brighter edges, the drop shadow is more apparent to our eyes than when the edge is pure black. I changed the titlebar background with a cropped and streched sunset picture which I found in my background collection. Overall, I think the new design is refreshing, and I hope visitors like it.

I verified this design in four major browsers. Firstly I checked it in FireFox, Konqueror and Opera under my Linux workstation. It took me a few hours before I get my wife’s Windows notebook booted. Most of the time it is a major mistake if you check your design in Internet Explorer very late in the process. Fortunately for me, IE’s standard incompliance didn’t bite this time.

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