7 October 2004

Easy Way To Create Favicon

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News flash! Benny Chandra discovers favicons :). He used an online service to create his own favicon.ico. Here is Wikipedia entry for favicon.

Favicon.ico itself is a 16×16 bitmap stored in legacy Microsoft icon resource file. Actually, it is very easy to generate favicon.ico from an existing image file using ImageMagick. Since almost all Linux distributions install ImageMagick by default, all you need to generate your own favicon.ico is a shell access to a Linux box. Root access or physical access to the box is not required. Regular user privilege suffices. No need to use fancy graphical editor like Adobe Photoshop or The Gimp.

Suppose you have an image named picture.png. To convert it into favicon.ico all you need to do is to execute the following command:

convert picture.png -resize 16x16! favicon.ico

That’s it. No fuss, no muss. Any experienced PHP/Perl/Python coder can use the above oneliner to easily create their own aforementioned web based favicon.ico generator.

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