13 October 2004

Script for Downloading Pictures From Digital Cameras

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Now that my digital camera is working, I just created a script to download pictures semi automatically from my digital camera. It currently does the following:

  • Camera device scanning, will refuse to run when camera is not plugged in.
  • No need to specify the ever changing device node, the script will attempt to obtain necessary information from /proc filesystem
  • Mounting and umounting
  • Moving pictures from camera to specified directory (big deal!)
  • Create two downsampled files from the pictures: a 200 pixel maximum side thumbnail and a 1000 pixel maximum side for online viewing, while still maintaining aspect ratio.
  • Pictures are moved into subdirectory named after the current date.
  • Open a Konqueror window on the final directory, if running under KDE.

Theory of operation: plug the camera, and run the script (keep in mind the ‘theory’ part :))


  • sudo, configured to run mount, umount and mkdir as root (security hole I know, this is not designed to run under multiuser environment)
  • Kernel 2.6 with devfs
  • ImageMagick

To do:

  • Hotplug could be configured to run the script automatically whenever a camera is plugged in

Download it here.

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