25 October 2004

Out of the Office Sunday Night Shift

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I’m in Jay’s office now to do a few work based on the request of my colleagues at the office. Actually, I took some days off to take care a few business in Bandung. However, problems always look to show up in the best times. Originally I thought that it would be possible to do all this work using dial-up or GPRS connection. However it turned out that my notebook’s modem refuses to hook up with Telkomnet Instan for some reason. And the GPRS connection is not as reliable, not to mention it is not cheap either. So I asked Jay if it’s possible to my work at his office with their excellent quality Internet connection.

Now, it has been three and half hour working at Jay’s office on Sunday night. I hope I can complete this work before dawn. The bad thing about this work I’m doing now is it mostly consists of waiting. That’s why I’m writing this, otherwise I would be on a totally different world.

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