My List of Apps I Can’t Live Without

This is my list of applications I can’t live without, following [Ronny’s entry of the same topic](

* Email client: [KMail](, a full featured and very stable mail client for [KDE](
* Web browser: [KDE’s Konqueror]( under Linux, or [Mozilla Firefox]( under Windows. Konqueror is a lean and mean web browser. I think I don’t have much choice in Windows, IE is out of question.
* Instant messaging: [Gaim](, it’s one stop shopping for my instant messaging needs.
* Terminal emulation: [Konsole](, nothing comes close in terminal emulation arena. The best thing about it is that Konsole is [scriptable]( It lessens my work considerably.
* Movie player: [Mplayer](, it plays just about anything.
* Music player: [juK](, a versatile music player that doesn’t get in your way.
* Shell scripting: [bash](, an excellent shell. I use it for both interactive and non-interactive uses. Very useful to quickly get the computer to do grunt work for me.
* Image editor: [Gimp](, a full fledged image editor. But if all I need is to resize images quickly, [ImageMagick]( fits the bill.
* Text editor: [Vim]( “Using Vim is not a sin”™.

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