Drowned in Spam

Since two days ago, this blog has been experiencing massive comment spam submission. I had probably deleted at least 30 of that thing. I also saw that I was not alone. Many of my friends’ blog also got hit by the same bloody junk. My fellow bloggers wrote a thing or two about this incident: [Amal](http://direktif.web.id/arc/2004/10/spam-di-akhir-oktober), and [Thomas](http://warnadunia.net/archives/2004/10/nooo).

My solution to this problem: simply insert keywords from the spam to the spam words list. From WordPress’ admin interface, go to Options and then Discussion. Add new spam words to the text area below. I added ‘poker’, ‘golf’, and ‘credit’. Any further spam will be held in moderation queue, and will not have a chance to show up.

I know spam is one of the most annoying thing in the world. But please refrain yourself from taking this problem too far. Some people use excessive network level blocking, this will annoy legitimate people who might reuse blocked IP addresses. [Captcha](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha)-ing submission form is also popular. However, unless you have other way of inputting comments that will cater disabled people, please avoid this. If we ever traded freedom for less spam, then spammers already win.


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