Using Bookmarklets in Konqueror

From [Wikipedia entry on bookmarklets](

> A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript program that can be stored as a URL within a bookmark in most popular web browsers, or within hyperlinks on a web page. Because Microsoft Internet Explorer uses the term favorites instead of bookmarks, bookmarklets are also less commonly called favelets.

> Bookmarklets can be saved and used like normal web page bookmarks. Therefore, they are simple “one-click” tools that can add substantial functionality to the browser.

Bookmarklets work in most modern browsers like [Mozilla](, [Opera]( or even [Internet Explorer]( Unfortunately, bookmarklets don’t work in KDE’s [Konqueror]( I heard somewhere that this is a deliberate decision by one of its authors because he considers this as a security hole.

How do we achieve bookmarklets in Konqueror? Fortunately there is one underadvertized features in Konqueror which is Minitools. Minitools can be considered as a separate bookmark for storing bookmarklets exclusively. Minitools is part of kdeaddons package. It provides an additional Minitools menu item under Tools. It also adds a Minitools button on the Extras toolbar.

To add a bookmarklet, go to Tools, Minitools and Edit Minitools. It will spawn a standard bookmark editor that you will be able to add bookmarklets into. To use a bookmarklet, go to Tools, Minitools and choose a bookmarklet you want to execute. Or if you have Extras toolbar active, you can just click the Minitools button and choose the bookmark to execute. Personally I cleaned my Extras toolbar from other buttons except for Minitools and put it alongside my standard bookmark toolbar.


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