FireFox 1.0 is Released

This is probably too late because of my *mudik* activities, but [Firefox 1.0]( has been officially announced. Get it now while it is hot, the download is just 4.7MB for Windows. Windows users in particular really need to download this as Windows doesn’t ship with a decent web browser, unlike other popular operating systems like MacOSX or Linux. Now that I mentioned about download size, I wonder how much of this 4.7MB can be pared down if we don’t have to support broken HTML standards (like HTML 3.0), pixel perfect emulation of numerous broken browsers and web pages, and other HTML crufts. If I remember correctly, the first version of [Opera]( shipped in less than 1MB.

If you maintain a web site, you really should consider [promoting Firefox]( If most web developers design in standard compliant way, the web would be in much better shape than today. Browser downloads would also be much smaller and web design would be much much easier.

For some amusement, you should read these [negative user opinions]( about Firefox on Cnet. By the way, Firefox has an antonishing amount of negative feedback there (about 8%, imagine that!). Sometimes, users ignorance can be very entertaining :).

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