25 November 2004

Installing Fedora Core 3 Inside a VMWare Virtual Machine

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Several months ago, I tried installing Fedora Core 2 inside a VMWare virtual machine. The experience was less than satisfying. Installation process took an obscene amount of time, and even a simple booting took no less than 20 minutes! :( Mind you, I haven’t had the chance to install FC2 in a real hardware, so I can’t compare the results.

Last night I tried installing the newest version of Fedora Core which is version 3 on the same virtual machine. Installation took very long (about four hours) for an ‘everything’ install. This is way too long for my taste considering I was installing it from ISO images, not from a physical CDROM. Booting process inside VMware is slightly improved, it no longer takes 20 minutes just to reach the login prompt. However I did stumbled upon a service that prevented it to make a complete boot. It just hung there without response. My solution is to apply the instructions I’ve found on Kerneltrap. After I did those instructions, my FC3 installation became noticeably faster.

If you want to use FC3 inside VMWare, I suggest you follow the instructions from Kerneltrap, if you can survive the installation process, that is. :)

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