6 December 2004

Weird Gmail

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This week I received several spam emails in my Gmail inbox. What unusual about them is most of them are not addressed to my Gmail email address, but to email addresses like priyadhasna@gmail.com, priyadharsini@gmail.com, priyabhagat@gmail.com, priyadhoka@gmail.com, and other similar email addresses. Curiously, my email address is priyadi@gmail.com, how come email to those addresses ended up in my account? I know Gmail support extension addresses, but none of those addresses are extension of my email address. Priyadi-foo@gmail.com is a correct extension address of my Gmail account, but I think priyadfoo@gmail.com (without ‘i’ and without dash) shouldn’t be. Does Gmail treats only first 6 characters as significant? Or do they try to guess email addresses?

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