Annoyed By Thinkpad’s Previous and Next Buttons

Thinkpad’s Prev and Next button

Thinkpad’s keyboard has two buttons ‘previous’ and ‘next’ to complement cursor keys on the right side of the keyboard. This keys are supposed to bring the previous page or the next page, similar to web browser’s back and next button. But in my opinion, those keys are clearly designed to be the “inadvertenly clear three pages of unsaved textarea to annoy the hell out of the user” keys. Several times I lost my writings because I accidentally hit them when I tried to hit one of the cursor keys. I don’t think those two buttons belong with the cursor keys. I think Home-End or PgUp-PgDn would be more appropriate. Prev-Next button should be in topmost row, as with fully sized keyboard that includes them. Now I’m going to find out a way to remap those buttons to something else, something less annoying. :)


  1. thinkpad pasti punya keyboard utility buat remapping keys, coba aja cari di websitenya. anyway memang utility itu wajib ada, how else bisa kerja di windows tanpa tombol windows.

  2. atau pake cara gamecenter mengatasi masalah window key yg sering kepencet waktu maen cs…. dicabut aja! :D
    *kasih obeng ke pri*

  3. hehehe iya, terutama untuk game FPS… gimana mau gak kepencet coba, buat gerak2 pake W, A, S, D dipencet pakai telunjuk, jari tengah & jari manis… loncat pakai spasi, dipencet pakai jempol… jongkok pakai Ctrl dan biasa dipencet pakai tangan bagian kiri, bukan kelingking soalnya terlalu jauh, kalau jongkok diremap ke C, kita gak bisa jongkok+strafe kanan, kalau diremap ke shift/capslock tetap susah dipencet pakai kelingking :) trus gimana gak kepencet tuh tombol Win :) harusnya sih Win diremap buat jongkok juga sama dengan Ctrl :)

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