15 December 2004

Thinking of A Better Approach for Eliminating Spam in WordPress

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For the last few days I’ve been busy wasting my morning time deleting comment spam from moderation queue, sometimes it even reaches one hundred! Deleting them is tiresome and easily ruins my mood for the rest of the day. This morning I even changed the default from ‘Do Nothing’ to ‘Delete’ in moderation.php, so that I would be able to click “Approve” on comments which I want to make appear, instead of clicking on “Delete” on a bunch of comment spam (which coincidentally occupies almost all of my moderation queue). To do so, edit wp-admin/moderation.php, and around line 160, move checked=”checked” from ‘later’ radio button to ‘delete’ one.

I think a better approach would be ‘Spam’ button in addition to ‘Approve’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Do Nothing’ button. By marking a comment as ‘Spam’, it would register any URL in the comment spam to blacklist database. Any further attempt to submit comment consisting of those URLs will put the corresponding comment inside spam queue, which is separated from the regular moderation queue. The concept is simple, but it would require some significant efforts to implement them. Somehow I don’t think it is doable from within plugins.

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