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[Gentoo Linux]( is a versatile Linux meta distribution. In its core is the [Portage]( package management system. Every Gentoo users will agree that Portage is what makes Gentoo one of the better Linux distributions. However, there are several packages that could make Portage even better.


The Gentoo [Buildtime and Statictics]( is an attempt to help Gentoo developers in finding out their user base. app-portage/basc is the client software. It tries to gather information about your system and submit them to a central repository. The privacy conscious users will be happy that the client will try not to disclose any sensitive information.


epm is a command line Portage query tool. Its syntax resembles RPM package manager used in other distributions. It is a must for RPM converts. If you use `rpm -ql glibc` in other distributions to list files in package glibc, then you can do the same under Gentoo with `epm -ql glibc`. Very convenient for users already used to RPM.


[esearch]( is a replacement for `emerge –search`. The advantage of esearch is that it uses a search index. So searches will be much faster with esearch, especially with older CPUs.


The [Gentoo Log Parser]( is a tool to (surprise!) parse Portage’s log file.


A collection of administration scripts. The most important script is probably `revdep-rebuild`. This utility will try to collect information about reverse dependency and do an update as needed. This is probably most useful for `emerge –deep` users like myself. For example, sometimes a package loses its dependency when its dependency is upgraded by portage. Gentoolkit will attempt to fix that by recompiling the package in question.


Mirrorselect will try to select the best mirrors, and edit /etc/make.conf for you automatically. Every Gentoo user will probably know about this already, because mirrorselect is briefly mentioned in installation guide.


It is another portage log analyser.


Ufed is a USE flag editor. It will provide its user with simple curses based interface to choose which USE flags to use. Ufed will update /etc/make.conf automatically. An excellent time saver! I think this utility is an excellent candidate to make it to the boot CD.


  1. # emerge –pretend –verbose epm esearch genlop
    umm.. I think is ok.

    # emerge epm esearch genlop

    thanks bro :)

  2. pengen tau kenapa loe keukeuh soal gentoo :P, dan loe gak mau nyoba2 serius debian.

    so, gua coba deh.

    #uname -srpvio
    Linux 2.6.9-gentoo-r13 #1 Mon Dec 27 06:05:24 SGT 2004 AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1900+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
    #genlop -t openoffice
    * app-office/openoffice

    Tue Dec 28 00:04:20 2004 –> app-office/openoffice-1.1.3
    merge time: 9 hours, 44 minutes, and 20 seconds.

    merged totally 1 ebuild in 9 hours, 44 minutes, and 20 seconds.

  3. buat openoffice, gua pake openoffice-bin, alasannya: kelamaan, sering gagal compile yang errornya beda2, gak bisa pake CFLAGS aneh2, dan belum support GCC 3.4 :), selain itu entah kenapa, pake openoffice-bin lebih cepat loadingnya daripada dicompile :)

  4. gua pertama sih install openoffice-bin, tapi penasaran selama apa sih ngompile openoffice :P. ini juga berhasil setelah gagal 2x. (dengan error yg berbeda.)

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