13 January 2005

Why Still No Mac For Me

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A lot of my geek friends have their own Mac now: Amen, Boy, David, Dicky, Eko and maybe others too. But I insist not buying a Mac and that keeps me getting the question Why I still insist not buying even a single Mac?

  • I can do everything I need with my current desktops and notebook.
  • I just bought an expensive notebook.
  • I wouldn’t be able to do some of my daily work with a Mac (at least not effiiciently).
  • A Mac would be just a toy for me, an expensive toy, that is.
  • I already have several computers, I certainly don’t need another one now.
  • The obligatory excuse of buying a Mac (I need it for my wife/kids, oh puhleeeeze…) don’t apply to me (my wife already has her own notebook, thank you very much! and of course no kids yet)
  • There other things™ than computers

Thanks for asking :)

That said, I must confess that the new Mac Mini is tempting :).

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