Why Still No Mac For Me

A lot of my geek friends have their own Mac now: [Amen](http://tukangpoto.textamerica.com/), [Boy](http://www.avianto.com/), [David](http://www.sundah.net/david/), [Dicky](http://massaint.or.id/dicky/), [Eko](http://data.startrek.or.id/) and maybe others too. But I insist not buying a Mac and that keeps me getting the question *Why I still insist not buying even a single Mac?*

* I can do everything I need with my current desktops and notebook.
* I just bought [an expensive notebook](https://priyadi.net/archives/2004/12/20/gentoo-linux-under-thinkpad-t41p/).
* I wouldn’t be able to do some of my daily work with a Mac (at least not effiiciently).
* A Mac would be just a toy for me, an expensive toy, that is.
* I already have several computers, I certainly don’t need another one now.
* The obligatory excuse of buying a Mac (*I need it for my wife/kids*, oh puhleeeeze…) don’t apply to me (my wife already has her own notebook, thank you very much! and of course no kids yet)
* There other things™ than computers

Thanks for asking :)

That said, I must confess that the new [Mac Mini](http://www.apple.com/macmini/) is tempting :).


  1. of course you can do everything with your current computer!
    but you can’t do with “style” as with mac ;-)

    it’s “state of the art” of something that you call “computer” as hardware and operating system.
    mac is not perfect, but still … it’s better than the others :D

  2. I had a similar sentiment until I actually *use* a Mac. “Tak kenal maka tak sayang,” they say. Now if only I could afford a Mac… The Mac Mini is indeed tempting.

  3. A Mac would be just a toy for me, an expensive toy, that is.

    halaaa…lu kan tinggal ga perlu upgrade pda/hp taun ini, pasti kebeli deh mac mini. waktu itu di ambasador ngomong kan? rencana dana yg lu siapkan tiap taun utk gadget? :))

  4. Belum punya anak? Mo nunggu ampe kapan??

    I wish blog ini otomatis nyimpen nama, e-mail, URL gw di cookie ato gmn gitu sampe browsernya di-quit… jadi setiap kali comment nggak perlu nulis ulang dari awal :-( Meski browser2 sekarang suka nyimpen isi form kita tanpa diminta sich… hiii :-D

    BTW kunjungin dong GaulDong… biar rameeee :-))

  5. ah.. tapi gw setuju dengan istilah “Tak kenal maka tak sayang”. waktu belum nyobain make beneran sih komentarnya sama dengan mas Pri ini. Tapi begitu mulai kerja di iMac G5, baru kerasa tuh bedanya. The beauty of Aqua with the power of Mach. iya gak sih? :-) kataku sih iya.

    *tapi ini nulis komentar masih pakai IE :-(, Mac nya gak bisa dibawa-bawa keluar kota sih, dan diwarnet gak ada yang pakai Mac*

    macsux :-D

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