18 January 2005

Search Keywords vs. Search Plugins in Mozilla

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What is “Search Plugins”? What is “Search Keywords”?

  • Search Plugins: They are plugins that define a search engine within the Mozilla application framework. They make a search engine appear in search box, usually located on the upper right hand corner of a Mozilla web browser window (Seamonkey or Firefox). They also add functionality to the search sidebar.
  • Search Keywords: They are keywords that function as shortcut for search engines. For example: type “google example” in location bar (where you type URLs) will bring a Google search for keyword ‘example’.

Why Search Keywords?

  • It is simpler. Simply type the engine keyword (for example ‘google’), followed by space and the keyword you want to search.
  • It requires less keystrokes and/or mouseclicks. No need to click on search box, select search engine, and finally type keywords.
  • Less clutter on the screen. You can free up screen space used by search box!
  • It is simpler to add your own search keywords, not so with search plugins.
  • No more annoying leftover keywords used from previous searches. And no need to clear search box from leftover keywords too!

Why Search Plugins?

  • Ordinary users might not be immediately aware of search keywords.
  • It is easier. Click on the box and type the keyword. No need to figure out which keyword to use.
  • End users can easily add more search plugins simply by clicking a link
  • Unlike search keywords, search plugins usually act the same from computer to computer.
  • Search sidebar is sometimes very handy.

Which one for me? Neither, because I’m using Konqueror. But there is ‘Web Shortcut’ feature which is very similar to Search Keywords in Mozilla.

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