Upgrade In Progress

Upgrade to [Wordpress](http://www.wordpress.org) 1.5 is in progress. I’m sorry if everything is not at its place, yet. :)

Current status:

* Basic upgrade is done
* Edited [Markdown](http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=1&q=http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/&e=7370) plugin so that it won’t interpret line beginning with # as headings. Actually I disabled ways to do headings in Markdown so that it wouldn’t be possible to introduce headings in comments, hopefully :).
* Deleted Kubrick CSS images in header.php, don’t like them.
* Made sidebar appears in single.php
* Disabled previous and next links.
* Made sidebar not to discriminate index view and single post view
* Made sidebar shows calendar (using get_calendar())


* Migrate plugins from 1.2 installation


  1. sepertinya sih priyadi pengen mengembalikan template wordpress 1.2 nya ke sini :)
    selamat bekerja keras deh …
    pri, mending loe pake template nya WP 1.5 yg style WP 1.2, ada kan tuh di themes bawaan. jd ngedit2 nya gak banyak ;-)

  2. pri kumohon.. (bhs telenopela) itu rss link feed di update/betulin :P
    feed:http://… gak kompatibel sama bbrp rss reader apalagi kalo kopi pes tanpa cek apa yang di pes.

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