Yahoo Acquires Flickr


Many have been speculating about [Yahoo](’s interests in acquiring [Flickr](, but the rumor is now [confirmed]( This is, in my opinion is one the best acquistion for Yahoo after acquiring [eGroups]( several years ago. [Flickr]( is a very popular photo sharing service among blog writers.

The acquistion hasn’t been announced officially, but it is in the [Flickr Blog]( I don’t know if this is for real or just a very early April Fools joke :), it looks like one for sure :). They said Flickr won’t become Yahoo Photos, and both services will remain separate. And the great news is that the Flickr API will remain open.


  1. #1: duh ditagih. sebenernya gua gak jago jepret foto. malu ah nanti kalo dipajang ama fotonya temen2 yang laen yang jago moto :)

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