11 April 2005

Road to KDE 3.4

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My Gentoo system is getting rusty (by Gentoo’s standards, at least). It’s now time to upgrade! Because of the new KDE 3.4, this is probably my first major upgrade I’ve done using a puny GPRS connection.

At first, I thought this is the right time to try the new KDE split ebuilds, but I decide not to further waste my time :). The split ebuilds is too new, and the ‘monolithic’ build is still well supported. Maybe later.

Emerge sync took about half an hour. Then I unmasked the KDE ebuilds in /etc/portage/packages.keywords. Yes yes, I should have waited until they get unmasked, but as usual, I was too eager too try the new KDE. From emerge -Dupv world: Total size of downloads: 278,940 kB. Whoa! This gonna take a few days to say the least.

OK, then I did several emerge -Duf world runs everytime I got a chance until all files get downloaded. It took a bit more than two days. The culprit, as usual, was JDK that required me to download it manually :(. Thankfully, the new portage didn’t block when encountering packages that needed to be downloaded manually.

Lastly, emerge -Du world took less than 24 hours with a few roadblocks. First, I needed to to make symlink from 3.4.3-20050110 to 3.4.3 inside /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu, or else the compiler won’t be able to find the required libraries (probably a bug in GCC). Second, avifile refused to compile with this version of GCC :(, unmasking the latest version solved the problem.

Now I have the shiny KDE 3.4 at my disposal :).

Total time taken: a bit more than three days. Three days seems a lot for an upgrade, but it is still a lot better than upgrading the entire system every six months or so :). Not to mention that I’m doing this on my GPRS connection :).

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