25 April 2005

Priyadi’s Place Acquired Roy Suryo Watch Watch

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Depok, INDONESIA. Priyadi’s Place (Blogshares: PRIP) has announced acquistion of every public shares of Roy Suryo Watch Watch (Blogshares: RSWW). Priyadi’s Place basically caught every other active Blogshares participant in id-gmail off guard last night when Roy Suryo Watch Watch silently went to their first ever initial public offering.

Roy Suryo Watch Watch is the premier jokes web site in Indonesia. RSWW specialized itself in delivering timely Roy Suryo jokes to the Internet. The id-gmail community didn’t expect it when Roy Suryo Watch Watch put their web site online. While it was several days ago, its effect is still felt by most of the id-gmail community. Some of the id-gmail members are still mutterring about their stomaches: ‘mules’ ‘sakit perut’ ‘enek’ ‘huek huek’ are very common responses when talking about Roy Suryo Watch Watch related topics.

Jay, a disgruntled id-gmail participant who is also an avid Blogshares speculant himself, has declined to comment on why he missed the highly anticipated Roy Suryo Watch Watch initial public offering.

The id-gmail member who goes by the name of RSWW.admin with ‘katarsis’ and ‘norak’ email address roysuryowatchwatch@yahoo.com is supposedly the owner of Roy Suryo Watch Watch. He has since responded to our inquires. However, as always, we were unable to comprehend his ‘muter-muter’ and illogical response. But at the end of his response, we can identify the sentence ‘Salam hangat dari Jogja’, followed with several phone numbers in which almost all of them ends with 2811.

Priyadi, the proud owner of Priyadi’s Place, stated “This acquistion is very important to the growth of Internet economy in general. In the spite of recent Blogshares speculant outbreak, we need to leverage our position in order to diversify our line of web sites.” Priyadi also stated that the id-gmail community need not to worry about the direction of Roy Suryo Watch Watch will take in the future: “We do not have plans to make Roy Suryo Watch Watch another sane, logical and thus boring web site.”

Priyadi also fully expects the veteran Blogshares speculants in id-gmail, such as Enda, Andika, and Jay himself will unleash their portfolio of hostile ideas and artifacts in order to gain advantage in getting several shares of Roy Suryo Watch Watch in the future “Today’s economy is not advantageous to small players, I expect the big players will take ‘norak’ and ‘katarsis’ stance with the respect to this newly announced acquistion.”

It is fully expected that this press release will be responded by id-gmail communities using the words: ‘norak!’, ‘katarsis’, ‘ini pasti husni(tm)’, ‘basbang!’, ‘SWGTL’, ‘makan makan’, ‘bakar bakar’, ‘aqua aqua rokok rokok’, etc. In fact, we can hear those words even before we submitted this press release :).

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