28 May 2005

20 Years Sentence For Corby

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It is official! Schapelle Corby has been sentenced for 20 years. However this is not final, both sides are unhappy with the verdict and appealing. But what irritates me is the response of many Australians. Here is a few of them found in blogs:

  • “Corby is getting 20 years in jail for drug smugling yet the person who had done the Bali bombings and killed hunderds of people only got 3 years.” Well, yes, it is unfortunate that the Bali bombers only got that kind of sentence. But in my opinion that should not deter us from punishing drug smugglers with punishment they deserve. We do take drugs seriously here. In fact, if Corby is doing this in Malaysia, she would be hung to death in no time.
  • “20 years in jail is what can happen to you if you do not or forget to lock you check-in baggage.” This is very common, they assume she’s innocent.
  • “The decision is absolutely unfair. She was not given a fair trial.” Tough, an Australian is found smuggling drugs to Indonesia, and it is automatically not a fair trial?
  • “The trial has no jury.” Australian and Indonesian court are simply different. Get over it!
  • “If found guilty, Schapelle is likely to be sentenced to `execution by firing squad’ – in other words, murder by the Government. Why is this murder? Because the Government, in imposing a irreversible penalty (death), is arrogantly claiming that it never makes mistakes. 12 barbaric Indonesian soldiers will be ordered to point their high calibre rifles at her pretty figure, shackled to a pole, and tear her to pieces with a barrage of gunshots.” This is so symphaty seeking lines. Why the drama? Why the compassion? The fact that she’s pretty has nothing to do with all of this.
  • “Indonesian authorities have a history of murdering innocent foreigners – in 1975, when they invaded East Timor, 5 journalists (2 Australian, 2 British and 1 from New Zealand) were executed by the Indonesian military on charges of communism. There was no trial, no evidence and no jury. These men became known as the Balibo Five.” Why is these sudden rush of connecting the trial with everything anti-Indonesia? Yes, we screwed up, several times. But that’s got nothing to do with the trial. In fact, if we let Corby go, it would be another screw up.

They even have a petition going on. And their “facts” page is outrageous. They simply assume that she’s innocent.

See also the entry of Schapelle Corby in Wikipedia and Technorati search of Corby.

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