Traded in My P900 for a P910

P900 and P910 side by side

I decided to trade in my almost two years old [SonyEricsson P900]( for a secondhand [P910]( For most cases, the P900 has been more than enough for me. The only gripe I had is that it’s got a measly amount of working memory (RAM).

Running [Opera]( and [Agile Messenger]( at the same time? P900 will gladly terminate one for the other, and background tasks too, most of the time it will choose the important ones. Opening a few web pages in Opera? The notorious ‘out of memory’ error will appear very soon.

Physically, the P910 has twice the amount of working memory than P900. It’s better than that though: by counting resident part of the operating system, the amount of free memory available for user is almost three times the P900! I really hope this can get rid of those dreaded ‘out of memory’ errors.

Other than that, the P910 is almost identical to the P900. The only noticeable feature is the thumbboard, which I think not that useful. My jot writing is a lot faster than typing on a miniscule keyboard, not to mention that it is completely useless in dark.

And unlike a certain someone, I don’t buy this for [a mere illumination]( :).


  1. I had SE P900 before, but that phone was too huge and uncomfortable to carried anywhere. But don’t give me wrong, that phone was the bomb, I could put any program, like Open Source Programs on that phone. SE P900 has everything you need.

    SE P900 githuu loowwhh… :)>-

  2. Ilove N-Gage,….hanya buat mereka yang commuter dan gak bisa diem :d, hayooo P910i gak bisa maen FIFA 2005 kan??? my true love on SE is with T68i (which i’ve lost it on the bus :(( )

  3. Is it comvy to accept incoming call while you’re in urgent need to synchorinze schedule or contact info ?

    I prefer not to convergence such devices (I use SEK700i and T5, by the way)

    Jusy my 1.57 cents (due to inflation)

  4. #6 ah yes, it is very preferable to keep them separated. You’ll mostly use a phone to talk or writing short messages, while reading e-books or organizing contacts would be left for PDAs. Anyway, PDAs connectivity are mostly internet-based.

    But that isn’t the main reason why I’ve split their jobs. It’s standby time. I just don’t want to be unavailable on my GSM network just because I’ve spent too much time reading e-books.

    Sure, if your cellphone is too outdated, you’ll mostly have problems in organizing your contacts or synchronizing with PC. But as I’ve said, those types of connectivity conducted on PDAs are mostly internet-based, so this is where it differs.

    PS: #6 the way you used the word ‘convergence’ seems odd. Is it right?

  5. #6 Oh, you should’ve used ‘converge’ in place of ‘convergence’.

    And by the way, you can still accept phone calls while synchronizing, right?

  6. #6 #7: i decided to embrace convergence because:

    * I prefer not to synchronize contacts to multiple devices, especially not considering that I’m using linux :)
    * My primary mobile activities consist of web browsing and IM, why carry a separate PDA if P900 can do those tasks very well?
    * Nowadays, two gadgets for PDA and phone are too much for me :)

    Why P800/P900/P910?

    * It looks like a phone, acts like one, and feels like one :)
    * Runs the best mobile browser (Opera), and an OK IM (Agilemessenger)
    * Its batteries last longer than my previous tungsten T3
    * Has touchscreen display

  7. IMHO, SE’s MemoryStick “closed standard” is much too inacceptable. I think SD/MMC standard is better, for its widely used in many other gadgets from various vendors.


    (sori buat yang ng-pro ama standar MemoryStick, karena gw menganggap standar MS sebagai MemorySick)

  8. Iya. gw juga suka dengan SE. tapi kemaren gw beli N6600. yang menurut gw juga bagus buat browsing internet dengan opera dan YM dengan angile mess. :-)

  9. #12: yes, the use of memorysticks is unfortunate, but fortunately for me, l don’t swap memories with other gadgets very often :)

    btw, there is no such thing yet as “open standard” for flash storage format. the good thing about standards is there are so many to choose from™ :)

    besides, everyone is paying sandisk for manufacturing flash cards anyway

  10. I love the phone… but the memory stitck is very expensive… I need 1 GB to store entire quran mp3, but the card itself costs 1/4 of the phone’s price.

  11. SE mantap..elegan..eye-catching..tapi knapa nokia masi blm tergeser ya..seandainya pda linux lbh powerfull..yah smntr treo 650 cukuplah..:d

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