16 August 2005

Traded in My P900 for a P910

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P900 and P910 side by side

I decided to trade in my almost two years old SonyEricsson P900 for a secondhand P910. For most cases, the P900 has been more than enough for me. The only gripe I had is that it’s got a measly amount of working memory (RAM).

Running Opera and Agile Messenger at the same time? P900 will gladly terminate one for the other, and background tasks too, most of the time it will choose the important ones. Opening a few web pages in Opera? The notorious ‘out of memory’ error will appear very soon.

Physically, the P910 has twice the amount of working memory than P900. It’s better than that though: by counting resident part of the operating system, the amount of free memory available for user is almost three times the P900! I really hope this can get rid of those dreaded ‘out of memory’ errors.

Other than that, the P910 is almost identical to the P900. The only noticeable feature is the thumbboard, which I think not that useful. My jot writing is a lot faster than typing on a miniscule keyboard, not to mention that it is completely useless in dark.

And unlike a certain someone, I don’t buy this for a mere illumination :).

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