MGMaps: Google Maps on Your Mobile Phone

[MGMaps]( is a mobile application that displays maps and satellite imagery on Java [J2ME]( enabled devices. It is [Google Maps]( on the road. MGMaps requires devices that at least support [CLDC]( 1.0 and [MIDP]( 1.0. That means almost all mobile phones sold today should be able to run MGMaps.

MGMaps was released almost two months ago. However, my experience with my old [SonyEricsson P900]( and older version of MGMaps was less than satisfying. It was too flaky to be considered useful. After I got [the new P910](, I decided to try MGMaps once more. This time MGMaps runs almost flawlessly. The only problem I encountered is that MGMaps crashes occassionally on less than stable GPRS connection.

MGMaps is released free (as in free beer) under Creative Commons License. So, for those who have unlimited GPRS connection, there’s no excuse not to at least try MGMaps. It is a great time waster! To install MGMaps, just head to []( with your mobile phone and follow the instructions. If you have a recent enough phone, MGMaps will probably just works.

Some screenshots follow.

Southeast Asia:

Southeast Asia

Part of Indonesia:

Part of Indonesia

West Java, Banten and Jakarta:

West Java

This is supposed to be Bandung:



  1. koq ga ada gambarnya yach di Motorola E398 :-? padahal lihat dilist mgmaps-nya mah compatible.. heran deh.. ilang 75K*25rp=1875rp deh :(( keun lah namanya juga nyobain… ada yg punya pengalaman sukses ma E386?

  2. O…peta Aceh kok masuk dalam peta indon…? Emang Aceh itu indon ya…? Aceh itu kan sebuah negara.

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