The Vi Editor and ‘Clippy’


The [Microsoft Office Assistant](, better known as ‘Clippy’, is a source of infinite amount of ridicule. In the beginning there were these [ strips]( where the uber hacker, Pitr, modified the [vi editor]( so that it has ‘those annoying Microsoft paperclips’. Shockingly, once only existed in comic strips, somebody were crazy enough to make it a reality! The result is [Vigor](, it is vi complete with that annoying paperclips, in reality!

It is now several years after the birth of Vigor, but we still consider vi and clippy combination as fresh joke. Now, a [Sun]( employee who had too much time on his hands created what might happen if [vi had been made by Microsoft](

Information from [Akhmad Fathonih](


  1. Bodor!!!

    Some people admire the MS assistant though, i don’t know why. I’d ask them about that, they only said “it’s qute”.

    They are all woman :) .

  2. Actually, I like the cat assistant, it’s cute and it’s a great friend in the lonely night when you type something . It snores, scratches, and does other things to keep you awake :D.

    Oh, I forgot, I would also consider it cute :D

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