26 October 2005

The Obligatory “How Much is Your Blog Worth?” Posting

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My blog is worth $200,976.24.
How much is your blog worth?

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This blog worths $200,976.24! Well, maybe not that much, but it is still interesting to see how they obtain that number.

In the beginning of this month, AOL acquired Weblogs Inc for at least $25 million. Then Tristan Louis tried to compute how much every inbound link worth according to that deal.

In acquiring Weblogs Inc., AOL has now provided us with some numbers traditional media are willing to pay for a blog. Looking at the numbers above, one can try to guess at the value of a link from an external site. a single link on the weblogsinc network represents 0.002258559942180087 percent of the overall network.

The result? At rumored $25 million price point, one inbound link on your (or rather Weblogs Inc’s) blog worths $546.64. Of course there are many other factors other than inbound links. Taking this number too seriously is stupid :).

It appears that the page calculate your blog’s worth simply by multiplying the number of inbound blogs in Technorati by 546.64. The number is a bit off from manual calculation, but should not by much. Again, we shouldn’t take this number too seriously :).

It is weird to note that Enda’s Blog worths ‘only’ $163,152.06 or 289 inbound blogs. And indeed, searching ‘enda.goblogmedia.com’ in Technorati yields the same number: 289 inbound links. But, my in my previous survey, Enda’s blog already has 368 inbound blogs. I don’t know what causes this disreprancy, it is highly unlikely that Enda’s blog has just lost 79 inbound blogs in such short time.

But at least we now have two conclusions, a good one and a bad one. First the good one: this blog worths more than ‘Bapak Blog’s'; and the bad one: we shouldn’t take this too seriously :).

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