The Obligatory “How Much is Your Blog Worth?” Posting

My blog is worth $200,976.24.
How much is your blog worth?

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This blog worths $200,976.24! Well, maybe not that much, but it is still interesting to see how they obtain that number.

In the beginning of this month, [AOL acquired Weblogs Inc]( for at least $25 million. Then Tristan Louis tried to [compute how much every inbound link worth]( according to that deal.

> In acquiring Weblogs Inc., AOL has now provided us with some numbers traditional media are willing to pay for a blog. Looking at the numbers above, one can try to guess at the value of a link from an external site. a single link on the weblogsinc network represents 0.002258559942180087 percent of the overall network.

The result? At rumored $25 million price point, one inbound link on your (or rather Weblogs Inc’s) blog worths $546.64. Of course there are many other factors other than inbound links. Taking this number too seriously is stupid :).

It appears that [the page]( calculate your blog’s worth simply by multiplying the number of inbound blogs in [Technorati]( by 546.64. The number is a bit off from manual calculation, but should not by much. Again, we shouldn’t take this number too seriously :).

It is weird to note that [Enda’s Blog]( worths ‘only’ [$163,152.06]( or 289 inbound blogs. And indeed, searching ‘’ in Technorati yields the same number: 289 inbound links. But, my in [my previous survey](, Enda’s blog already has 368 inbound blogs. I don’t know what causes this disreprancy, it is highly unlikely that Enda’s blog has just lost 79 inbound blogs in such short time.

But at least we now have two conclusions, a good one and a bad one. First the good one: this blog worths more than ‘Bapak Blog’s’; and the bad one: we shouldn’t take this too seriously :).


  1. Blog ini yang harganya 564,54 aja mo dijual. Apalagi Blog-nya Kang Pri yang lebih muahal. Huehehehe… Jual aja Kang!

    Salam kenal. Saya adik kelas di eFTe (masuk tahun 1996). Beberapa kali kita ketemu, sebelum si Akang migrasi ke Jkt./:)

  2. Bakal bermasalah kalo ternyata situsnya redirect. Rasa – rasanya ngitungnya pake metode link inbound technorati bukan? Eh ternyata bener :: ngeliat logo technorati tercinta ::

  3. Kalo misalnya blog di jadiin bisnis kaya peternakan asyik juga kali ya. Satu orang bisa megang beberapa blog, trus blognya setelah nge-POP dijual ke yang mau….kaya peternakan gitu hehehehe…\:d/

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