7 May 2006

Mission: Impossible or Mission: Cruise?

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The REAL Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible III seems to be the hot thing at the moment. However, as a big fan of the original series, it is my duty to make these following statement.

We –fans of the original Mission Impossible series– do NOT consider Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: I, II, III as sequels to the original series. Even if we consider Cruise’s first as a sequel, then the series has ended long time ago when they decided to kill Jim Phelps and worse, made him a villain. The real villain in the movie was not Jim Phelps, but Tom Cruise and the rest of the filmcrew.

In our world, Cruise’s Mission: Impossible movies are only random action movies which share the same title, soundtrack and logo, but don’t resemble anything else from the original series. Unlike Cruise’s Mission: Impossible, the original series were cleverly done and has its own classy reputation. The originals don’t need Tom Cruise, semi-naked ladies, gratuitous sex scene, Tom Cruise, overly long (and seemingly impossible) action scene and Tom Cruise just to attract fans; and did I mention Tom Cruise?

In our mind, Jim Phelps is still living, serving desk job on the IMF in his late seventies. He frequently sends self destructing tapes CDs flashdisks containing mission objectives to Nicholas, who in turn will ask Max, Grant, Casey and Shannon to aid him in the mission. And Ethan Hunt, wait, Ethan who? We don’t have someone named ‘Ethan’ in our roster.

Note that I wouldn’t rule out watching Mission: Impossible III, it might even be a great action movie, albeit with inappropriate title. However I certainly can live without watching it and a spoiler won’t ruin my day. When I do watch it, I will mentally replace all occurences of ‘Mission: Impossible’ with ‘Mission: Cruise’, a far more suitable title for the movie, and so that it won’t spoil the true legacy of Mission: Impossible. Sorry folks, even if this scores 10/10 at IMDB, it is still not Mission: Impossible.

And for those too young to see the original series on TV, now it is a good time to watch the original classics, while comparing them to these cheap modern day inappropriately titled action movies that are riding on the successful Mission: Impossible brand name. I can remember watching the original series back then when RCTI just turned from a subscription TV to a public TV (yes, RCTI was once subscription based). We Bandung citizens were in competition to make the tallest TV antenna tower in the city, just to be enough to catch stray RCTI signal from Jakarta. I can remember watching (or rather trying very hard to watch) Mission: Impossible with picture quality that nobody today will consider as watchable.

Now that I mentioned it, anybody has the original series? :D

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