4 October 2004

Flat Tires!

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How unlucky! Two of my car’s tires went flat today. First the left rear tire went flat. I thought replacing it with the spare tire (when Jakarta is at its hottest point in midday) will solve the problem temporarily. But the spare tire itself went flat less than one hour afterwards. I confess that the spare tire’s condition was not that great, but I didn’t expect it can’t even survive a trip to the nearest repair shop. On the way to the repair shop, lots of passing drivers tried to warn me that my tire were flat, “Yeah yeah, I know my tire is flat. Next!”. :)

So when I reached the repair shop, the tire were completely flat. I didn’t try to fix the tires but instead replaced all of them, all five of them. Just to ensure an incident like this won’t happen again in the future.

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