One Month of My Blog

It’s been one month since my [first entry]( of this blog. Actually, I did some blogging before, but this site was inactive for a few months. In my opinion, my previous blog was a mess, so I decided to start over.

Since then this blog has undergone some notable events. In particular, this blog has become the definitive site for Ahira problem. It began when I stated that [Anne Ahira is not a hero, but she is part of the problem]( It caused massive outburst from those ‘get rich quick’ legions whose action is clearly not in the best interest of the Internet community in general. Today, a search for [Anne Ahira]( will return this site on top. I hope this site can serve better to educate the general public in the future.

This site also became the definitive source when [Roy Suryo]( and [Eko Juniarto]( feud happened.

This blog has also inspired several friends to create their own blogs or become active writing in their blogs. In particular, [Ananda](, [Nugi]( and [Eko]( started blogging a few weeks after I did :). I’m sorry if I misinterpreted this :).

In 22 September, I stated that I miss a good mailing list. In turn, this rambling of mine has inspired me and several of my friends to create [Teknologia]( mailing list to fill our needs of quality mailing list. Since then, this list is somewhat active and thankfully, a few quality discussions has already taken place.

A very eventful month for a blog that’s only one month old. I hope this is only the beginning.


  1. jujur saja, saya nggak nyangka kalau blog ini masih balita banget. :)
    btw, om, walaupun blog saya acak adut, boleh tukeran link?

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