My Nephew Naufal Was Born


I’m in Bandung now to visit my brother Fahmy and his wife Renny who just had their first baby. *Naufal Hafidz Aria Bangun* was born at 11:48 in 12 October 2004. He was 3.18 kg and 50cm tall at the time he was born. He is my first direct nephew and my parent’s first grandchild.


  1. Hmm..Nugi has a niece and you’ve just got a nephew….Hmmmmm…
    Btw..I’m amaze..Long-long time ago I thought that the world of writing belongs only to female. But all of u..male-bloggers.. are very productive! And I would say that most of u have a very nice writing-style. Go man go!

  2. hey im naufal too.i was just searching my name on google when i saw ure website.hey he looks like a great baby.treat him well & say to him i got the name first.

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