Complicated Mobile Blogging


Mobile blogging is not yet straightforward enough. At least that what I thought when I was struggling to make my last post about [my nephew]( I originally wanted to make the post with my notebook, however for some reason its modem refused to function properly. So I was left with my trusty P900 smartphone to do this. And since I didn’t bring my phone’s data cable nor its Bluetooth dongle, I would need to do it without help from the notebook.

At first I wanted to upload a picture of my nephew. Since I wasn’t allowed to see my nephew at that time, I wasn’t able to take picture of him myself. No problem, Renny’s brother already took some pictures with his digital camera. I took out his SD card and put it in my Palm Tungsten T#. Copied the pictures to my T3, and the pictures was in my possession. Then I beamed one of the better pictures to my P900. Unfortunately I didn’t have a picture editor with my P900, so I couldn’t resample it to make it smaller. Fortunately, whoever took the pictures only used 1280×960 resolution, so the pictures wasn’t that huge in size. Then, using [ftp800]( I uploaded the picture to my web server. So much for flat GPRS fee, now it is going to cost me lousy Rp 5000 just to upload that picture.

Now I would need to create a thumbnail for that picture. I purposedly didn’t use WordPress’ builtin image upload feature, because I found it didn’t create good quality thumbnails. So I logged on to the server using P900’s PuTTY, and used the good old `convert` from [ImageMagick]( to resample the image to smaller resolution. OK, at this point I was done with pictures.

Then I logged on to my blog’s administration area, which automatically put me in its posting page. I promptly typed everything that’s on my brain using on screen Grafitti. Of course, using Grafitti is much slower and error prone than using a good old keyboard. However, since my notebook wasn’t an option, this was really the best way to make that post.

After typing one paragraph, I remembered that [Nugi]( had his second niece only a few days before Naufal was born. So I thought I’d mention this fact, it was only another short paragraph, right? Well, no. I promptly browsed Nugi’s blog, getting myself to the correct post. But there’s no way for me to copy the URL! Bummer :(. With my body exhausted after the trip to Bandung and my ‘mental clipboard’ refused to memorize anything resembling URLs, I left my post as it was and published away.

The whole process should have been very easy and simple, isn’t it?

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