16 October 2004

I Need A New Keyboard

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My current keyboard has started acting funny. My Left Shift and Enter keys frequently don’t respond when I hit them. I’ve been pretty disappointed with this Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard. It worked OK only for first few months. After that, it requires considerable more force to push down the key, writing a lengthy document could tire my fingers easily. I like the older Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard much better. But what I really miss is my old Logitech split keyboard which I can’t remember the exact model.

Why Microsoft and Logitech keyboards? Because I like split models very much, and it is hard to find those nowadays. Even Logitech has discontinued most of its split models, I can only find one model on their web site. Furthermore the only split model is wireless and bundled with a mouse. I don’t like wireless (I don’t feel like replacing batteries after a few months), and I already have a mouse. So, now I’m left with Microsoft again as the only option. There are other vendors like Belkin, but I’ve never gotten to see this one yet. If there are no better models, I think I’ll just give up and experiment with non-split keyboards this time.

Anyone dares to recommend me a nice keyboard? :)

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