16 October 2004

Why I’ve Chosen WordPress

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My previous blog post about blogging software marketshare spurred many comments from veteran bloggers. As I stated before, long time bloggers prefer MovableType to other blogging software.

Thomas has told the world why he still uses MovableType. Avianto also posted the entry titled Why MovableType?. And what are my reasons switching to WordPress?

First, it is an Opensource software. As with almost every other software I use, I prefer Opensource software to proprietary ones, as long as it delivers all the functionality I need. That’s why I’ve chosen to use Linux and OpenOffice. It is the same reason why I’ve chosen WordPress. There are other Opensource blogging software, but I found out that WordPress is probably the most featureful Opensource blogging-ware. It also has an active and always helpful community.

Second, I despise static pages. Change the layout? You need to rebuild the whole thing again. It’s also a waste on disk space since the data is duplicated, one in MySQL database, and one in the generated static HTML pages. I’m sure veteran MT users have several solutions to this problem. But the point is I don’t want to spend a lot of my time tweaking blogging-ware that I use. Recent releases of MT supports dynamic publishing. However they are late in delivering that feature, and the lack of dynamic publishing already influenced my decision process.

Third, WordPress is dead simple to use. Installation only costed me about 10 minutes of my time. And its default template also already matches my preference.

Fourth, I think my old blog sucked and I haven’t had time to customize it. So, unlike veteran MT bloggers, I can afford to start over from scratch.

And before I make another adversary, I have to state that I’m very happy with the current state of blogging software. They all use the same syndication format (RSS or ATOM). They all use the same backtracking protocol (Trackback and PingBack). And all the major blogging software also generate standard compliant XHTML and CSS out of the box. I really think it was blogging activities that promote standard compliance on the web. So whatever blogging software you choose, I can be sure that our blogs will still be interoperable.

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