Comment Spammers Have Arrived

For the first time this site got hit by a few dozens of comment spam today (if you don’t consider [these]( as comment spam). I hope it doesn’t get any worse than this because that was the primary reason I closed the first version of this blog a year ago. Of course, since I set link threshold very low (one), none of them had a chance to appear. However I still had to manually delete them on the moderation queue. That became tedious after a few dozens of spam :(.


  1. Pri, udah pasang tarpit dan kittenspamwords? cukup berguna loh buat memblokir serangan spam yg bertubi-tubi dari IP-IP tertentu…

    *thanks to Idban :P*

  2. ferdhie believe that wordpress itself has a comment spam blocker, and ferdhie think that Mr. priyadi should take more times to manage the comments.
    After all, one that make us keep blogging are comments, doesn’t Mr Priyadi think so??

  3. of course i think so… it’s just deleting comments from moderation queue is getting tedious… wp’s built in spam blocker is already doing fine…

  4. Rasanya kemarin ini saya pernah lihat blog dimana supaya bisa submit comment, maka kita harus masukkan code yang ditampilkan di sebuah gambar.

    Saya pikir ini bisa cukup efektif untuk menghentikan blog spammers.

    Tapi saya lupa blog-nya siapa :-/ sori.

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