28 October 2004

Going To Reinstall My PVR

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WinTV-PVR 250

After trying real hard to find time to reinstall my PVR, I think I will just reinstall it now. Finally I will be able to put those Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 Nugi brought me several weeks ago to good use. I could have just install the new hardware without reinstalling all the software from scratch, but I think I’ve made a mistake in my choice of filesystem. Right now it is using ext3fs, however I found it very slow when deleting big files which are very common in PVR system. That makes switching channel very very slow. Now I’m going to reinstall the whole thing using XFS. I hope that will make my PVR perform better when switching channels.

The operating system will still be Gentoo Linux, and the PVR software will be MythTV. So, there would be no TV watching for me for at least one day. Installing Gentoo from scratch is not exactly a swift process. :)

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