Spam Tsunami ala Nigeria

Saya baru menerima spam yang jelas-jelas satu tipe dengan [spam ala Nigeria](, tetapi uniknya spam ini berkaitan dengan [tragedi tsunami]( baru-baru ini. Saya masih tidak habis pikir mengapa masih banyak pihak-pihak yang berniat mengeksploitasi kejadian ini untuk kepentingan pribadi :(.

> Dear sir/madam,

> My name is Nula Nuwasito; I am a victim of the recent Earthquake followed by the Tsunami that wrecked our whole society of Banda Aceh Province in Indonesia resulting in painful death of my Parents. My Late Father Mr. Lars Nuwasito is from Paramaribo in Suriname (South America) and my Mother from Banda of Aceh Province in Indonesia, they got married in Suriname because Indonesia like Suriname was a colony of The Netherlands, but they moved to settle in Indonesia when my Sister and I were born and because Indonesia has better economy than Suriname, but my Sister and I was away in School in the Capital Jakarta when this sorrowful incidence happened to my late parents and all other Families affected by the Quake and the Tsunamis all around Sumatra and Aceh Province.

> My Father and Mother owned a tourist resort and grocery store at No 71 Panglima Polim Street, Banda Aceh in Indonesia, it was visited by numerous tourists from different countries on Holidays each year but this tragic and devastating Tsunamis took the lives of my parents and many others.

> My Late Parents saved much of their money in The Netherlands, not only because we were Dutch Colony but also because we speak Dutch as an official Language in Suriname, I contacted my Parents Lawyer in Hague and he has confirmed to me that my Parents has the sum of Ten Million United States Dollars deposited in The Netherlands which will be claimed by me as next of Kin, but he also explained to me that because I was not nationalized in Netherlands after Suriname got Independence from the Netherlands I had no permission to settle there in that Country.

> We have recovered the corpses of my Late Parents, although private, International and Government Aids is coming in, it will not be any where enough to settle our problems, please I am hereby soliciting for your assistance in clearing my Late father’s money, while I will have the Lawyer arrange the necessary document that will enable you have the power of Attorney to effect the funds release from Netherlands. As soon as you show a sincere intentions to help me and my Sister, if you are business oriented with experience in Holiday, Hotel and Resort business or have some idea on how to run a groceries shop, I am willing to recommit the money for the full benefit of all (My Sister you and I) apart from that I shall be willing to give a negotiable percentage of the money to you otherwise or alternatively, please contact me on my email address as the telephone system is not functioning at the moment.

> Thank you, I hope you understand our predicament and come to our assistance.

> Nula Nuwasito


  1. yah, biasa beginian…
    bagi yang awam sih, mungkin percaya2 aja, ngeliat dari namanya, ngeliat dari nama kota, nama jalan…

    tapi tetep aja spammer bikin bete!

  2. 1. My Late Father Mr. Lars Nuwasito is from Paramaribo in Suriname (South America)

    emang Suriname itu masuk ke Amerika Selatan yah?

    2. they got married in Suriname because Indonesia like Suriname was a colony of The Netherlands


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