14 April 2005

My WordPress Plugin Meme

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What plugins do you use on your blog and how do you rate them? Mine is below.

  • Browser Sniff. Useful to humiliate Internet Explorer users out there :). (6/10)
  • Entity2NCR. A fix for invalid RSS feeds, should be merged into WordPress core someday (10/10)
  • Gravatar. Implements Gravatar (10/10)
  • Yahoo/MSN Style Smileys. Probably the most useless plugin I’ve ever made, ironically it took more of my time than any of my other plugins (5/10)
  • Image Browser. Reminiscent of my old WordPress installation. There are probably better image manager plugins out there, but at least it works and I’m so used to it. (7/10)
  • Markdown. Post formatter, I don’t use it for comments, though. Can’t live without this, plain HTML sucks (10/10)
  • PHPExec. Probably my most practical plugin. Not as useful as plugins made by others, though (9/10)
  • Technorati Tags. Get related blogs from Technorati. It works, most of the time. (8/10)
  • WP Plugin Manager. Manage my WordPress plugin. It gets useful sometimes. (7/10)
  • IP to Country. Get the country of (almost) any IP address (7/10)

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