Weekend Disaster!

I accidentally deleted a good part of my home directory yesterday :(. These are a few of important things that get deleted: * All emails, including important ones * All kind of private keys. I will need to use a new SSH and GPG private/public key pair from now on. * Home made scripts. No… Continue reading Weekend Disaster!

My Nephew Naufal Was Born

I’m in Bandung now to visit my brother Fahmy and his wife Renny who just had their first baby. *Naufal Hafidz Aria Bangun* was born at 11:48 in 12 October 2004. He was 3.18 kg and 50cm tall at the time he was born. He is my first direct nephew and my parent’s first grandchild.

Flat Tires!

How unlucky! Two of my car’s tires went flat today. First the left rear tire went flat. I thought replacing it with the spare tire (when Jakarta is at its hottest point in midday) will solve the problem temporarily. But the spare tire itself went flat less than one hour afterwards. I confess that the… Continue reading Flat Tires!

Perjalanan Di SMA 3 Bandung

Hari Sabtu kemarin, setelah mengunjungi kampus Unpas, saya bersama [Dicky](http://www.massaint.or.id), [Nugi](http://nugraha.net), [Jay](http://yulian.firdaus.or.id), [Ananda](http://an.punten.com) dan beberapa rekan dari Unpas pergi ke SMA 3 Bandung untuk menawarkan mereka untuk aktif dalam keorganisasian [Klub Linux Bandung](http://bandung.linux.or.id). Saya dan Nugi lulus dari SMA 3 tahun 95, Dicky tahun 96, sedangkan Jay tahun 91. Kesan pertama SMA 3 dari luar… Continue reading Perjalanan Di SMA 3 Bandung

In Bandung

I’m in Bandung now to take care a few business. Several founding members of [Klub Linux Bandung](http://bandung.linux.or.id) including myself want to revive the organization. The idea is to take advantage of this long weekend to get in touch with several high school and universities. We want them to be involved with the new KLUB. More… Continue reading In Bandung

Feeling Not Good

I’m feeling not good. My head is spinning, my stomach hurts. I’m soooo used to this for the last few weeks. Needless to say, I gotta cut short this blog tinkering activities for now. See you tomorrow, blog!