Finally, The Best Solution of Comment Spam Problem

That’s why I love [Google]( They came up with [pagerank]( algorithm which has been proven to be good. And then when people tries to abuse it, they come up first with the solution. They worked with community and even their competitors to solve this annoying problem. This is from [an entry from their Googleblog]( >… Continue reading Finally, The Best Solution of Comment Spam Problem

Thinking of A Better Approach for Eliminating Spam in WordPress

For the last few days I’ve been busy wasting my morning time deleting comment spam from moderation queue, sometimes it even reaches one hundred! Deleting them is tiresome and easily ruins my mood for the rest of the day. This morning I even changed the default from ‘Do Nothing’ to ‘Delete’ in moderation.php, so that… Continue reading Thinking of A Better Approach for Eliminating Spam in WordPress

PHP Browser Sniffing to Promote Firefox

I spent a few minutes to implement some server side browser sniffing in order to promote [Firefox]( It works by detecting whether the visitor uses Microsoft Internet Explorer or not. If it finds the user are still using Internet Explorer, then it will display a warning paragraph above the usual content. To see it in… Continue reading PHP Browser Sniffing to Promote Firefox

Why I’ve Chosen WordPress

My previous blog post about [blogging software marketshare]( spurred many comments from veteran bloggers. As I stated before, long time bloggers prefer [MovableType]( to other blogging software. [Thomas]( has told the world [why he still uses MovableType]( [Avianto]( also posted the entry titled [Why MovableType?]( And what are my reasons switching to [WordPress](

Mdamt dan Ronny Migrasi ke WordPress

Salah satu pelopor *blogging* di Indonesia, Mdamt, melakukan [migrasi ke WordPress]( Ini sudah yang kesekian kalinya para pemblog Indonesia melakukan [migrasi ke WordPress]( Berhubung yang pakai [WordPress]( sudah sedemikian banyak, bagaimana kalau para pengguna WordPress melakukan *[meetup](*? **Update**: [Ronny]( ternyata juga ikutan *nge-WordPress*.

WordPress 1.2.1 Has Been Released!

The [WordPress]( development team has released an important release. Anyone with older version should [upgrade to version 1.2.1]( immediately as this release addresses a few minor security problem with version 1.2.0. If you (WordPress users) haven’t upgraded yet, please do as soon as possible, it took me only five minutes to do this upgrade.

Web Site Makeover!

With my Internet connection unstable for almost the whole night, I spent my time doing makeover to this web site. It’s about time, my web site already have this many posts and has withstood some hammerring with the recent [Ahira Gate]( fiasco. But with me lacking time and will, this web site has been using… Continue reading Web Site Makeover!

Eksodus ke WordPress?

Kemarin [Jay]( melakukan migrasi blog-nya dari [pMachine]( ke [WordPress]( Saya pun pindah dari [MovableType]( ke [WordPress](, walaupun saya bukan migrasi, tapi mulai kembali dari nol. Apa yang menyebabkan orang-orang migrasi ke WordPress? Menurut saya ada beberapa alasan: * Lisensi MovableType yang makin *restrictive* setelah versi 3 * WordPress adalah free software di bawah [GPL]( *… Continue reading Eksodus ke WordPress?