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19 September 2004

Mobile BIogging with WordPress

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Several months ago, I tried blogging to this blog which still use MovableType 2.53 from a SonyEricsson P800. The web browser I used was Opera. My posting were submitted successfully. However it wasn’t straightforward because of MovableType’s over reliance of JavaScripts and popups.

Today, my experience is much different. WordPress uses plain simple XHTML and CSS. That what makes mobile blogging on WordPress much more bearable. I used the same web browser, on very similar device, a SonyEricsson P900.

Of course, some people may argue using a specialized moblogging software is the best solution.

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18 September 2004

In Bandung

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I’m in Bandung now to take care a few business. Several founding members of Klub Linux Bandung including myself want to revive the organization. The idea is to take advantage of this long weekend to get in touch with several high school and universities. We want them to be involved with the new KLUB.

More stories on this later.

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17 September 2004

Eko Responds

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Eko Juniarto has made public his response about his recent feud with Roy Suryo,

i’ve asked three lawyers about this situation, and the possibility to sue roy suryo. all of them say that electronic mails are still considered inadmissible proof in indonesian court. i admit this roy suryo is really cunning by limiting his accusations in electronic mail form. but because of that, i also know that this cyber bully intimidation are all bullshit, because he has no proof either.

My suggestion to Eko: follow up his week old open letter.

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Tawaran Menulis di

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Rekan Avianto menawarkan kesempatan bagi para netters (atau junkers) untuk menulis di rubrik baru Tawaran ini ditanggapi baik oleh para junkers, eh netters. Namun ada beberapa masalah yang masih mengganjal saya:

  • Kebebasan pers di Indonesia masih diragukan. Misalnya kemarin baru saja redaktur Tempo divonis bersalah atas tuntutan pencemaran nama baik.
  • Kejadian yang menimpa saya di blog ini kemarin. Yang saya tulis murni opini saya dilengkapi dengan fakta-fakta yang saya tulis di blog saya sendiri. Tetapi masih saja ada yang mengancam untuk menuntut saya. Jadi ini lebih ke faktor ketidakdewasaan masyarakat.
  • Bagaimana lisensinya. Apakah artikel yang masuk boleh saya publish lagi di blog saya? Terus terang, saya tidak mau artikel saya cuma berumur satu hari di Pada terkenal sulit untuk mendapatkan artikel-artikel yang umurnya lebih dari setengah minggu.
  • Masalah personal security, kemarin ada pegawai Friendster yang dipecat gara-gara punya blog. Bagaimana policy

Nah, gimana Boy?


Question to Ask Yourself Before You Send Your Mass Mailing

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Apparently, almost all bulk mail senders that claim to be legitimate have established a standard acceptable use policy. The following questions are taken verbatim from one of them.

  • Are you sending email to non-specific addresses, such as or
  • Have you deliberately falsified your transmission path information or originating address?
  • Are you sending email to mailing lists or distribution lists, which then send indirectly to various other email addresses?
  • Have you imported for use a purchased list of any type?
  • Are you continuing to mail to anyone who has asked to be deleted from your mailing list?
  • Does your email not provide a fully functioning link to unsubscribe?
  • Does you email subject line contain false or misleading information?
  • Have you used a third party’s email address or domain name without the party’s consent?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are likely involved in spam activities. These are my own additions to those questions:

  • Do you harvest email addresses from web sites, newsgroups, mailing lists, and/or other sources without any knowledge from the owner of email addresses in question?
  • Are you sending your emails without express consent from the owner of email address in question?

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Ahira Gate: Rangkuman

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Ketika pertama sekali menulis tentang Anne Ahira saya tidak menyangka efeknya akan seperti ini. Saya mendapatkan spam yang tidak biasa, dan saya menulis pada jurnal saya. Saya sama sekali tidak mengira kontroversi antara saya dan rekan-rekan yang anti spam dan para spammer yang pro spam akan berlangsung di jurnal saya yang belum genap berumur dua minggu. Sebenarnya saya sudah jauh melanggar ‘rules of engagement’ saya sendiri dalam kasus ini. Jika ada rekan yang bertanya “Seorang spammer menghubungi saya. Apa yang harus saya lakukan?”. Kemungkinan besar jawaban saya adalah “Tangani secara profesional, jangan biarkan emosi dan ego anda terlibat. Spam adalah masalah Internet, bukan masalah pribadi anda.” Dengan membalas beberapa posting negatif sebenarnya saya sudah jauh terlibat secara emosi.

Ada baiknya saya pribadi (dan rekan-rekan lain yang juga terlibat secara emosi) introspeksi diri dengan merujuk kembali pada ‘Undang-Undang Dasar’ penanganan masalah spam The Rules of Spam yang dirawat oleh Patricia A. Shaffer pada newsgroup Point-point yang kembali harus saya dan anda ingat baik-baik adalah Sharp’s corollary, Spinosa’s corollary, Moore’s corollary dan yang terpenting adalah Crissman’s corollary dan Spammer’s Standard of Discourse. Melihat point-point itu tidak produktif bagi saya untuk tetap ikut arus dalam diskusi ini. Untuk itu saya sudahi diskusi tentang Anne Ahira pada jurnal saya. Komentar pada jurnal yang berhubungan dengan Anna Ahira saya tutup, tetapi pingback/trackback bagi rekan-rekan pemblog akan tetap saya buka seperti biasa.

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Eksodus ke WordPress?

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Kemarin Jay melakukan migrasi blog-nya dari pMachine ke WordPress. Saya pun pindah dari MovableType ke WordPress, walaupun saya bukan migrasi, tapi mulai kembali dari nol. Apa yang menyebabkan orang-orang migrasi ke WordPress? Menurut saya ada beberapa alasan:

  • Lisensi MovableType yang makin restrictive setelah versi 3
  • WordPress adalah free software di bawah GPL
  • Proses instalasi yang cenderung lebih mudah dibandingkan software serupa
  • Kemudahan migrasi dari beberapa software lain yang serupa
  • Komunitas yang sangat aktif, mungkin cuma MovableType yang dapat menandingi aktivitas komunitas WordPress


16 September 2004

GPRS Matrix dan Control Panel Web Hosting

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Selama ini sebelumnya pelanggan Internet melalui GPRS Matrix Satelindo tidak dapat menggunakan control panel web hosting seperti CPanel dan Plesk. Kemarin saya berhasil meyakinkan pihak Satelindo untuk membuka akses ke beberapa port standard web hosting:

  • CPanel: 2082 dan 2083 (SSL)
  • Web Host Manager: 2086 dan 2087 (SSL)
  • Plesk : 8443
  • Plesk DirectAdmin : 2222

Alasan yang dapat meyakinkan pihak Satelindo adalah bahwa pasar web hosting di Indonesia sekitar 80-100 ribu domain yang sebagian besar menggunakan control panel di atas. Jika Satelindo tetap menutup portnya, maka mereka akan kehilangan pasar ke kompetitornya yang membuka port-port tersebut. :)

Untuk yang web hostingnya menggunakan salah satu tools di atas dan juga menggunakan GPRS Matrix, silakan anda coba lagi.


15 September 2004

Next iChat Will Include Jabber Support!

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Seen the news first on Slashdot. The new MacOSX server will also include support for Jabber server. Will this mean I will see more Jabber users in my contact list? Right now I only have three Jabber contacts. While my Yahoo account has 102 contacts and ICQ has 20. I only have three MSN contacts, and none for AIM.


AOL Feedback Loop: Spam Early Warning System

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I’ve been using this AOL feedback loop system for quite some time. But I guess not many mail admins know about it so I will share it here. AOL feedback loop is a system implemented by AOL on their system that will forward any mail that has been marked as spam by its users back to the administrator of the originating IP.

The following information is copied verbatim from AOL’s page:

When an AOL member clicks “this is spam” for a piece of email sent from one of your IPs, this is considered a “complaint”. If you are having difficulty with the number of complaints you are receiving a feedback loop would benefit you. Once you have requested a feedback loop you will be notified when a member clicks “this is spam”. The email sent to you from will contain the complete email and header information. Due to our member privacy policy we cannot include the email address that it was originally sent to.

Since practically all email lists distributed by spammers include addresses, this is a great way to know if your users are sending spam. And you will know that much earlier before you see complaints coming in. Unfortunately email lists distributed by local spammers in Indonesia probably doesn’t have as many addresses in it, if at all. I wish some popular local ISP or mail provider will implement a system like this. This could be very valuable since local spam is on a very steep rise now.

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Lagi-lagi Anne Ahira

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Banyak rekan-rekan yang menulis komentar pada jurnal saya tentang Anne Ahira dan sedikit cerita saya tentang iming-iming uang. Pertama kali saya tahu yang namanya Anne Ahira ini dari email spam. Dari ini saja sebenarnya tanpa harus menyelidiki siapa itu Anne Ahira saya sudah mendapat kesan negatif. Prosedur standar saya untuk menangani hal ini adalah melaporkannya ke pihak terkait melalui Spamcop, masukkan ke corpus spam pada filter bayesian, buang dan lupakan. Hanya saja pada kasus ini, spam tersebut mengandung link ke sebuah artikel Kompas. Tentunya ini menarik perhatian saya mengapa seorang spammer dapat diwawancarai sebuah surat kabar terkemuka.

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14 September 2004

I Had Enough I’m Voting for Deletion for ‘Roy Suryo’ in Wikipedia.

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Here what I posted when Roy Suryo is marked for deletion.

I’m the original author of the article. I did very hard to be objective with the article, I even did a major rewriting from a suggestion in the talk page. What first motivates me to write this article is because there are some ongoing big cases involving the subject. However since the article is posted to a local mailing list, the subject himself and his opponents discover the article. I have the reason that the subject himself repeatedly removed various bits that against him. And the fact that his opponents are not experienced in wikipedia doesn’t help either. I thereby support deleting this article. The reason are: * I don’t want Wikipedia becomes an extension of a local heated flame wars * All the major positive contributions only come from me, I expect to get positive contributions from others, but I never get to see them. * No matter I tried to be objective, there are parties who became unsatisfied with the article.

I wished this article didn’t get very popular. I will consider rewriting this article when the situation has cooled down. So, vote DELETE from me!

Roy Suryo himself has been sleepless tonight. There are at least four attempts from him to empty the page. Of course, the efforts easily caught by Wikipolice, and they reverted back in all occassions. Realizing this, he tried different approach, by removing the negative bits from the article. This and the revert happened several times, before the sysop question the article’s validity. So, to reduce further embarassment, I voted to delete this article.

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