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14 September 2004

Orang Indonesia dan Iming-Iming Uang

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Membaca komentar Enda Nasution pada jurnal saya tentang Anne Ahira saya jadi ingat sebuah kejadian yang diceritakan oleh Ibu saya.

Ibu saya adalah seorang pengusaha wartel di kota kembang Bandung. Pada suatu hari, masih dalam suasana masih pagi, ketika Ibu saya sedang mendapat giliran menjaga wartelnya, datang seorang Ibu yang mungkin berumur sekitar 35 tahunan. Ibu ternyata adalah langganan wartel, tentu saja Ibu saya menyapa beliau dengan baik. Mungkin kira-kira ucapannya seperti ini “Apa kabar Bu? Ada perlu apa?”.

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13 September 2004

What I Don’t Like About Gmail

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Gmail is great, everybody knows that. It’s interface is original and intuitive. For users who subscribe to a lot of mailing list it is indispensable because its interface offers a very easy way to manage threads of messages. However, there lies the problem. Recently I’ve seen the trend that more Gmail users don’t bother to tidy their messages before they send them to the list. They treat a mailing list like an IRC forum. It is a pain to see more people post oneliner, top posting or both :(. Gmail users also tend not to remove unnecessary quoting, partly because they don’t even see the quoting. However it annoys the hell out of everybody that don’t use Gmail as their email client. And of course it also wastes bandwidth.

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Created Roy Suryo Entry in Wikipedia

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Earlier this day I created an entry for Roy Suryo in Wikipedia. I tried very hard for being neutral, and considering current events, I hope I’m being neutral enough to Wikipedia standard :). If you found out that I’m not being neutral enough, feel free to modify the article. Of course, the article is far from complete, but I’m not going to touch anything remotely related to Roy Suryo again with a ten foot pole for the rest of the day.

If you are new to Wikipedia, first read this first. Please keep Wikipedia clean and tidy.


12 September 2004

Pakar Gadungan Roy Suryo Kembali Beraksi

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Sifat yang tidak dewasa, kesimpulan prematur, tuduhan tak berdasar serta email panjang yang tidak berbobot selalu menjadi ciri khas pakar gadungan Roy Suryo. Kali ini masalahnya dipicu oleh sebuah email yang berasal dari yang mengaku sebagai Roy Suryo. Email ini berisi penawaran invitation gmail yang dikirim ke mailing list ITB. Kemudian Eko me-redirect email ke mailing list telematika dan mailing list genetika.

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10 September 2004 6.8 is Finally Running!

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After several hours compiling and waiting for a chance to restart X, finally I got 6.8 running with drop shadow and transparency. These are what I did to achieve that under Gentoo Linux.

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Anne Ahira Bukanlah Pahlawan, Dia Adalah Bagian Dari Masalah Internet

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Kemarin saya menerima spam berbahasa Indonesia yang isinya kurang lebih bercerita tentang cerita sukses Anne Ahira, seorang mojang Bandung yang konon sangat sukses dalam berbisnis di Internet. Saya sendiri menerima banyak spam, tetapi karena spam ini ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan jarang menerima spam dalam Bahasa Indonesia, spam ini tidak tertangkap oleh filter bayesian yang saya pasang.

Spam tersebut bercerita bahwa Anne Ahira memiliki penghasilan ribuan dolar sebulan dari Internet. Kemudian diceritakan juga bahwa dia telah diwawancarai oleh berbagai macam media di Indonesia. Juga disebutkan bahwa karena telah diwawancarai oleh media massa, maka artikelnya memiliki kredibilitas yang tinggi. (ingat “As seen on Oprah and CNN!”?)

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9 September 2004 6.8.0 is out!

Posted under: at 17:13 6.8.0 is finally out! This is the much anticipated release that includes many long awaited features. The Gentoo project already has the testing ebuild pushed to rsync mirrors in less than 24 hours, excellent work guys! If you don’t already know, the ebuild is very solid. Despite numerous changes from the last XFree86 releases, it was a breeze upgrading from XFree86. I’m compiling this right now, should be finished in a few hours.

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Text Processor Revisited

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John Gruber of Markdown fame kindly let me know that it is easy to insert code blocks without reindenting. Just use the old fashioned <pre>...</pre>. Thanks John!

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Explosion in Jakarta Again

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Another explosion, not much I can say about that. But these are some independent web pages that have a few pictures of the incident:

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8 September 2004

Wanted: Text Processor for This Blog That Don’t Force Me to Manually Indent Code Blocks

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The subject says it all. I’m currently using Markdown. However as you can see on my other post it does too much to my code blocks. Code blocks don’t need quote prettying, thank you very much! It also requires me to use at least four spaces for indenting, it really does require a very good eyesight to be able to count that much spaces when I need to reedit the code later on. The alternative is to use tabs, but with the web browsers I’m using, tabs are used to move focus between form elements!

I would prefer Wikipedia‘s syntax, it only requires one space. Or even better: PHPWiki‘s syntax, which doesn’t require reindenting at all. Is there any way to use any of those syntax on a WordPress blog?


I Really Hate It When This Happens

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Earlier this week I tried to register with both and Skype, but my traditional username ‘priyadi’ has already been taken :(. Having a name that is not usual almost anywhere in the world, I’m very used to the privilege to use my first name if any web site asks me for a username, no need to resort to witty nick names or special numbers after names thing.

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Simple DCOP Shell Script for Konsole to Open Multiple Sessions

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After having a few dozens servers, just opening remote shell to each servers is becoming tedious. This is a simple shell script I wrote to open multiple session on the running Konsole. Put the sessions you want to open in $SESSION variable, and make sure you have the sessions already created in Konsole:

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